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Grown Olives


Chiury brings to your table the varieties of 100% Italian Olives processed in different ways, enhancing the craftsmanship and traditions handed down from generation to classic recipes rich in aromas and flavors, thanks to the use of selected and excellent quality raw materials.


A perfect combination to give harmony and fragrance to dishes is the use of
extra virgin olive oil with the addition of spices, aromatic herbs and citrus
essences, thanks to their intense aroma and taste.


Extra virgin olive oil is a rich emollient oil that deeply nourishes the skin, regulates its natural hydration system and protects the epidermis from external agents by reintegrating the physiological barriers of the skin

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You're supporting our local community

Among our commitments is the continuous search for quality products selected with care and passion focusing on the peculiarities and genuineness of the land, always respecting those who produce them and the health of both you, our attentive customers and the environment.

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Where your dream vacations became real

The Albergo Diffuso EcoBelmonte is an authentic, unique and fascinating place, ideal for your holidays in Calabria.

Located in the historic center of Belmonte Calabro, a town on the Tirrenian coast, in the province of Cosenza.

The houses of the Albergo Diffuso EcoBelmonte were completely restored with ecological materials and compatible with the environment, and are located along the narrow streets that characterize this small town in Calabria.

The colors, smells and feelings of this magical place will allow you a relaxing holiday and contact with the local people and culture.